Wood Pellets Handling Facilities - Enviva

Project:     Wood Pellets Handling Facilities

Client:       Intrinergy (now Enviva)

Location:   Richmond, Virginia, USA

Intrinergy (Enviva) -- Richmond, VA

As part of their business development plan Intrinergy had the opportunity to take over underutilised shipping facilities in Mobile, Texas, and in Wilmington, South Carolina.  Speed was of the essence in this work and CMC was engaged to provide a quick turnaround on feasibility, GA and cost estimate for these facilities. 

Based upon some overall arrangements of the existing Mobile, Texas transhipment facility, CMC developed basic layouts and general arrangements for several potential solutions.  One of these was eventually retained and priced out.  The system included: 

  • New bi-level receiving building for truck dumping.
  • New inclined feed conveyor to top of silos. 
  • Up to 60 000 tonnes of new storage (to be built in three phases). 
  • New Storage recovery conveyors and adaptation of existing wood chip handling conveyors for shipping purposes. 
  • Adaptation of existing traveling ship loader to handle wood pellets. 
  • Modifications to existing wood chip handling stackers to accommodate the addition of the new wood pellet handling facility. 

The Wilmington, SC facility used similar equipment configurations for the receiving and storage portions, however, because the facility was basically empty, a new shipping stream and shiploader were added to the project.