Malthouse No. 2 Compartment Unloading Automation

Project:    Malthouse No. 2 Compartment Unloading Automation
Client:      Froedtert Malt Corporation (now Malteurop)
Location:  Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Froedtert Malt Corporation (now Malteurop) -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Froedtert Malt Corporation retained CMC Engineering and Management Ltd. to retrofit a compartment unloading system for their existing Malthouse No. 2.

Services provided:

  • Study

Feasibility study involved the evaluation of the most effective and cost effective option for automating the unloading of 12 germinating compartments. The result was to design a portable unloading machine that could be moved to each compartment and operated by a single operator. The work also included the reworking of all steep barley transportation system and green malt handling. This system is fully automated.

  • Project Management

Services provided included equipment procurement, project administration, cost control, budgeting, expediting and construction management.

  • Detailed Design

Structural, material handling, piping, air handling, electrical, instrumentation and computer based control and MIS systems.