Upgrade to Alumina Storage and Weighing

Project:     Upgrade to Alumina Storage and Weighing

Client:       Rio-Tinto Alcan

Location:   Kitimat, British Columbia

Rio-Tinto Alcan -- Kitimat, British Columbia

CMC Engineering and Management Ltd. was contracted to develop innovative means to recapture lost storage and to upgrade the throughput capacity of Rio-Tinto Alcan's Kitimat plant alumina handling system.

As part of its Kitimat plant-upgrading project, Rio-Tinto Alcan addressed some long-term problems with its alumina handling facility. CMC was awarded a contract in October 2000 to develop concepts that accomplished the following:

  • Rejuvenate alumina silos to minimize 'dead' alumina storage.
  • Minimize or eliminate alumina agglomeration within the silos.
  • Remotely control/automate silo discharge gates and valves.
  • Improve the consistency and repeatability of alumina blending from silos.
  • Improve alumina inventory management/tracking capabilities.
  • Prevent water from coming into contact with alumina.
  • Prevent alumina dust from being released into the environment.
  • Improve the self-cleaning capabilities of alumina screening devices.

CMC visited the Kitimat Works between October and December 2000 to conduct site surveys and investigate these issues.  A number of working meetings were held with Alcan stakeholders to present/discuss remedial concepts suggested by CMC.  The final reports included general plans, recommendations and budgetary pricing for:

  • Cleaning out and modifying the existing alumina silos.
  • Upgrading belt scales.
  • Replacing belt conveyors with air slide conveyors.
  • Modifying existing air slide conveyors.
  • Repairing water leaks in silos and conveyor tunnels.
  • Replacing alumina screeners.
  • Improvements in the automation.