Eulachon - Fraser Surrey Docks Infrastructure Study

Project:    Eulachon - Fraser Surrey Docks Infrastructure Study
Client:      BHP Billiton / P&H / Gibson Energy
Location:  Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Eulachon / Fraser Surrey Docks -- Surrey, British Columbia

CMC Engineering and Management Ltd. was retained by Fibreco to review the possibility of restructuring their entire wood pellets and wood chips facility to include handling of agriproducts.

The study was to determine the feasibility of accommodating, on the lands owned by VFPA and FSD, the following export terminals:

  • P&H                       6.6 million tonnes per annum grain export terminal
  • BHP Billiton           16.0 million tonnes per annum potash export terminal
  • Gibson Energy       3.5 million tonnes per annum LPG export terminal

A fatal flaw analysis was also conducted as part of the study.

The study contained the following information:

  • Conceptual layout drawings showing the maximum number of loop tracks that could potentially be accommodated on the property in question, and if these would satisfy the anticipated annual throughput envisaged by the Partners.
  • Identification of immediate and surrounding business neighbours that could, or will be, affected by the installation of loop tracks.
  • Identification of options for the location of the unloading facilities and vessel loading facilities.
  • Conceptual layout of each terminal based on requirements provided by each Partner for their respective commodity. These layouts were prepared taking into consideration exclusion zones particularly dictated by the handling of LPG.
  • Road network internal to the rail loops for service and maintenance vehicles, fire fighting trucks, large cranes, heavy equipment and container trucks.
  • Overpasses connecting the internal road network with the external road arteries.