Truck Dump Facility - Fibreco Export

Project:     Truck Dump Facility

Client:       Fibreco Export

Location:   North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Fibreco Export -- North Vancouver, British Columbia

In order to better serve local wood pellet producers Fibreco engaged CMC to develop a plan to allow the receipt of truck based shipments. 

Positioned in a prime Vancouver Port area near the port entry, Fibreco's business involves the transhipment of bulk wood by-products, in by rail, out by ocean going vessel with covered and uncovered storage facilities. Rapid turnaround of both railcars and vessels is key to the success of the facility.

Changes in the wood pellet business brought production facilities closer to the Vancouver area to the point where truck base shipments became a viable alternative to the traditional rail based units. In response to this new demand, Fibreco decided to offer a truck oriented receiving system to service this new clientele. 

Because of space limitations and contention for the existing equipment routes in the Fibreco facility, CMC developed a receiving system that used an abandoned portion of the facility and connected to the exisiting material handling systems from the reverse direction of what was currently in use. 

CMC also prepared a conceptual design for a high capacity bean ladder for use in Fibreco's new wood pellet storage unit.