RTI Phase 2 Shipping Facility

Project:     RTI Phase 2: Shipping Facility

Client:       Houston Pellet Limited Partnership

Location:   Prince Rupert, British Columbia

Houston Pellet Limited Partnership -- Prince Rupert, British Columbia

The second phase of Houston Pellet's rehabilitation of their RTI terminal involved the rework of the terminal's shipping system. 

Houston Pellet's shipping facility was piggy-backed upon a previously existing and underutilised coal terminal. Although convenient at the time of the original establishment of the pellet shipping facility, this marriage of convenience soon began to show its negative side. The basic characteristics of the coal handling system proved to be too fast and brutal for the more brittle wood pellets. Even when fed at the more moderate handling rates suitable for the pellet handling facility, the high product breakage rate was unacceptably reducing the product quality and releasing inadmissibly high quantities of dust. 

CMC designed a revised shipping system consisting of the following: 

  • Modified belt loaders to the existing discharge conveyor. 
  • New, dedicated, pellet handling conveyor from the discharge conveyor to the existing shiploader. This conveyor was adapted to fit on the existing gallery carrying the coal conveyor. 
  • Revised shiploader feed spout equipped with integral flow retarders (similar to a bean ladder). 
  • New medium voltage variable frequency drive system for the existing shiploader conveyor.