AgPort Expansion and Relocation Feasibility Study - Prince Rupert

Project:     AgPort Expansion and Relocation Feasibility Study
Client:       Prince Rupert Port Corporation
Location:   Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

Prince Rupert Port Corporation -- Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

The Prince Rupert Port Authority called on CMC to help them determine how to rework their existing, but underutilised Fairview Terminal.

Originally built in 1972 as a general break and bulk cargo facility, PRPA's Fairview Terminal fell upon hard times during the 1990s. Despite having three, deep-water, ice-free berths and being some 30 hours of sailing time closer to the orient, the world wide demand for Fairview's traditional break bulk cargo diminished to the point where the facility was running at only a small and unsustainable percentage of its capacity. PRPA opted to convert the Fairview terminal to a combined container terminal and specialty bulk material handling facility and engaged CMC to study the way. 

CMC studied several alternatives for the Fairview AgPort portion of the terminal and eventually selected one as being the most favourable.  This option was then more fully developed in terms of design and probable costs.  The basics of the terminal included: 

  • Handling of both specialty grain products and wood pellets. 
  • Up to 80 000 tonnes of storage in multiple, flat bottom, galvanized steel silos.
  • On-line sampling, weighing and screening processes. 
  • Ability to load 20 and 40 foot containers. 
  • Conversion of an existing wheel-mounted shiploader into a fixed position, quadrant style unit. 

Because the magnitude of the capital project would be dependent upon PRPA’s success at attracting clientele, CMC looked at variants on the basic design concepts that would allow for partial and sequenced construction. The study also included the following supplementary tasks: 

  • Probable capital costs. 
  • Probable operating costs.