7 Projects for ConAgra Malt

Project:     7 Projects for ConAgra Malt

Client:       Canada Malting Co. Limited (now GrainCorp Malt)

Location:   Canada-Wide (Montreal, Toronto, Thunder Bay, Calgary, and Vancouver)

Canada Malting Co. Limited (ConAgra Malt) -- Canada-wide

A five year program completed in 1995 rationalized Canada Malting's Canadian grain handling and processing facilities.  The master facility plan was created by CMC who then proceeded to design the changes and execute the plan.  The master plan included:

  • Upgrade grain handling and processing plant in Montreal.
  • Shut down Toronto plant and transfer capacity to Thunder Bay.
  • Upgrade Thunder Bay to increase capacity by 30% and at the same time reduce manpower by 50%.
  • Shut down two plants in Calgary.
  • Upgrade Calgary grain receiving, storage, and cleaning facility.
  • Build new grain handling, cleaning and shipping facility to service both rail and truck.
  • Build new malt processing plant.

The Calgary projects resulted in an increase in throughput of 60% with 50% less manpower.  Overall operating cost was reduced by 30% creating the most cost effective malt production complex in North America.