New Tower, Malthouse ‘E’

Project:    New Tower, Malthouse ‘E’
Client:      Canada Malting Limited (now GrainCorp Malt)
Location:  Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Canada Malting Co. Limited (GrainCorp) -- Calgary, Alberta


The Project

Canada Malting Limited awarded CMC the contract for the engineering design, procurement, construction supervision and commissioning of this new facility for state-of-the-art malt germinating techniques. The process design includes many innovative features for the barley malting process.

Canada Malting Co. Limited (GrainCorp) -- Calgary, Alberta

Project Goals

CMC’s goal was to enable Canada Malting Limited to meet the escalating domestic and export demands for malted barley by designing and constructing a facility with an annual throughput of 150,000 tonnes.

Project Achievements

The completed facility consists of two concrete buildings which include the following features:

  • An eight levels cast-in-place steep/germinating tower, with a steep tank and pre-germinating floors (530 m² each), and six germinating floors with a total area of 3,180 m²
  • A clear span diameter of 26 m for each of the eight floors presented a challenge that required an innovative approach to structural design
  • Horizontal and material handling systems with 200 tonnes per hour capacity of barley equivalent. Total germination capacity of 1,620 tonnes for the six floors
  • A moveable perforated floor and a loading/unloading machine for the steep and pre-germination tanks
  • A fixed perforated floor supported by a structural concrete sub floor, with a loading/unloading/turning machine on each of the six germination levels
  • Attemperation building area for mechanical/service support of 2,000 m²
  • Two-storey cast-in-place/pre-cast kiln/service building with a drying floor area of 900 m² and 800 m² of mechanical space. Each deck of the double-decked kiln provides a drying capacity of 300 tonnes per batch. Each deck contains a fixed floor with a loading/unloading machine.