Technical and Economic Feasibility Study for Site Restructuring

Project:    Technical and Economic Feasibility Study for Site Restructuring (2015)
Client:      Fibreco
Location:  North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Fibreco -- North Vancouver, British Columbia

CMC Engineering and Management Ltd. was retained by Fibreco to review the possibility of restructuring their entire wood pellets and wood chips facility to include handling of agriproducts.

CMC Engineering provided several conceptual options and cost estimates for the restructuring of the site, including:

  • Changes to the railyard to handle unit trains of 110 cars.
  • Addition of a grain handling and storage facility to handle 1 to 3 million tonnes of several types of grain products.
  • Modifications to the wood chips handling facility including phasing it out with the introduction of a grain handling system.
  • Modification of the wood pellets handling and storage facility to resolve several inherent problems with existing systems.
  • Replacement of existing open type mobile shiploader with new totally enclosed type to load pellets and grain.
  • Construction of new common unloading facility for grain and wood pellets.
  • Capital cost estimates for several options.

This project is now being reviewed by the client in view of securing grain volume, phasing out wood chips and confirmation of wood pellet volume to justify capital expenditure.