Grain Terminal Operational Upgrade

Project:    Grain Terminal Operational Upgrade (2013)
Client:      EGT - Export Grain Terminal LLC
Location:  Longview, Washington, USA
Export Grain Terminal LLC -- Longview, Washington, USA

EGT retained CMC Engineering and Management Ltd. in 2013 to review this new grain terminal completed in 2011. The main focus was to fix several operating problems including: unacceptable product damage and deterioration, dust control at shiploaders and storage silos not meeting EPA standards and difficulties with conveyors.

The first objective was to reduce product damage, exceeding 3%, mainly on corn, down to an acceptable 0.5% level. This was achieved with the design and installation of custom designed flow retarders in feeding spouts and bean ladders inside silos.

The second objective was to meet EPA standards for dust at shiploader and storage. This was achieved with introduction of choke points, to slow down product speed, at all conveyors head and dead boxes at bottom of shipping spouts.

The last objective to slow down product in all spouts to reduce product damage and reduce spout liner wear. This work is ongoing.