Direct Hit Shiploader

Project:     Direct Hit Shiploader
Client:       Viterra - Pacific Elevators Ltd. (now Glencore)
Location:   Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Agricore - Pacific Elevators Ltd. (Viterra) -- Vancouver, British Columbia

CMC Engineering and Management Ltd. was retained by Pacific Elevators to make modifications and put into service their direct hit shiploader system.

When Agricore’s Vancouver terminal (PEL) was updated with a direct hit system, the new installation featured a continuous belting conveyor/elevator.  The innovative installation had been chosen with the aim of providing efficient, high throughput, material handling with low capital cost, minimal product deterioration, and low dust generation.

Although generally successful, the new system was plagued with ongoing problems of premature belt deterioration and product spillage, particularly when running at high throughput rates.  With the system manufacturer unable to explain or resolve the situation, Agricore retained CMC to attempt to resolve the problem.

After reviewing the available data and inspecting the equipment, CMC designed and installed a custom-built video recording device that traveled through the conveying system as it operated.  CMC was able to determine the location of the problem areas and to recommend modifications to alleviate the amount of impact and wear on the belt in the short term.  It was also established that this type of shiploader is not suitable for this application and should therefore be replaced as soon as possible.