Passenger Unloading Options for Pier 21 - Halifax

Project:     Passenger Unloading Options for Pier 21

Client:       Halifax Port Authority

Location:   Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

CMC Engineering and Management Ltd. prepared a Report outlining passenger unloading options for Halifax Port Authority's Pier 21 cruise ship facility.

Halifax’s historic Pier 21 is to Canada what Ellis Island is to the USA.  Once the main gateway for immigrants from Europe in the early 20th century, Pier 21 fell into the background of the action as immigration paths shifted to air travel.

As the burgeoning cruise ship industry discovered the picturesque city of Halifax, the local port authority found itself resurrecting the defunct Pier 21 facility.  A new museum of local history, a renovated market place and a fair dose of “face lifting” turned the venerable, but aging facility into an attractive portal for vacationing tourists.

As part of their upgrading program, the Halifax Port Authority turned to CMC to evaluate and recommend options for the passenger handling systems.  At the time, the system consisted of aging ramps and rostrums requiring large amounts of man-power and equipment to operate.

CMC’s was instructed to evaluate all possible solutions from the simplest and least costly all the way to the new state-of-the-art automated gangways.

The project evaluated:

  • Current and projected visits.
  • Concurrence of visits.
  • Vessel geometry relative to apron levels.
  • Equipment and labour costs.
  • Methods for recovering initial capital costs.

The study investigated numerous options and retained six for consideration.  Of these six, CMC recommended two; an inexpensive adjustable rostrum and ramp arrangement, and secondly, a small, automated gangway system.  HPA eventually opted for the former solution.