Mobile Passenger Gangway - Port of Canaveral

Project:     Mobile Passenger Gangway

Client:       Port of Canaveral

Location:   Canaveral, Florida, USA

CMC Engineering and Management Ltd. was retained to provide planning, design, and budgeting services for an upcoming cruise ship facility passenger gangway.  The local climatic conditions and architectural guidelines provided a set of stringent requirements.

Requirements for the Port of Canaveral’s gangways included several unique parameters:

  • Shallow ramp slopes (1:12) to meet American Disabilities Act requirements for wheel chair access.
  • Hurricane force winds.
  • Completely enclosed and air conditioned ramps for maximum passenger comfort.

The resultant design included numerous innovations such as:

  • Two independent rail mounted towers with interconnecting ramps.
  • “Fly-by-wire” synchronization of five lifting mechanisms.
  • Light weight fiberglass cladding with glass inserts.
  • Cable-guyed ramps to minimize weight transfers to the terminal building and the vessels.