Canada Place Mobile Passenger Gangways

Project:      Canada Place Mobile Passenger Gangways

Client:        Port of Vancouver

Location:    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Based upon its successful track record, CMC Engineering and Management Ltd. has been retained to provide full design, inspection, and commissioning services for new gangways to be located at the prestigious Canada Place cruise ship facility.

The Port of Vancouver, once again, called upon CMC to design six new gangways.  This time, for Vancouver’s prime cruise ship facility, Canada Place.  With expansion plans for the terminal on the board and with existing gangways reaching the end of their useful lifespan, the port called for six new units with several new features:

  • Extended vertical reach (increased from 8.5 metres to 12.1 metres).
  • Narrow overall width to allow operation on the older wharf.
  • Aluminum construction to minimize weight on the older wharf.
  • Replacement of all hydraulic components with synchronized electrical drives and actuators.

All of the other features of the Ballantyne Pier facility MPGs (flexibility, safety, and speed) are to be carried over to these new units.

These new gangways are under construction and scheduled for operation during the 2002 cruise season.