Ballantyne Pier Towable Gangway and Passenger Transport System

Project:     Ballantyne Pier Towable Gangway and Passenger Transport System

Client:       Port of Vancouver

Location:   Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

CMC Engineering and Management Ltd. provided planning, design, inspection, and commissioning services for a new passenger handling system for the Ballantyne Pier north berth.

In its continuing development of the Ballantyne Pier facility, Vancouver Port opted to increase its container handling capacity by relocating one of the facility’s cruise ship berths away from the terminal proper.  Although the long-term plans call for an extension of the terminal building, an interim solution was required to allow the transfer of passengers to and from the vessel and the building.

Vancouver Port Corporation retained CMC to investigate the options.  The work included preliminary designs, costing and simulations of passengers movements.  The final report recommended the use of a large towable ramp unit, rented ground transportation, and minor modifications to the existing terminal. The existing mobile passenger gangways were retained.

The towable gangway (TG) was innovative in its ability to be rapidly deployed by the use of standard tractor units already in use at the facility.  The resulting system blends in with the existing facility and cost less than one third of the terminal extension option.