Ballantyne Pier MPG Support Services - Vancouver

Project:     Ballantyne Pier MPG Support Services

Client:       Port of Vancouver

Location:   Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

CMC Engineering and Management Ltd. provides on-call support services to assure the continued operation of Vancouver's Ballantyne Pier cruise ship facility.

The nature of the cruise ship facility operation requires that the passenger gangways be available 100% of the time; fatal breakdowns or errors in operation of the machines need to be serviced in under one hour in order to maintain schedule and safety requirements.

Since 1995, when the terminal opened, CMC has provided high-end service to Vancouver Port for the ongoing support of the Ballantyne Pier mobile passenger gangways.  A team of specifically trained personnel is put on a rotating schedule to cover on-call service during the cruise season.  Equipped with laptop computers and cell phones, these personnel provide the following:

  • Pre-season check out and maintenance review.
  • Operator training and re-certification.
  • Ongoing programming changes for client requested enhancements.
  • Remote dial-in facility for time critical debugging (response time under 10 minutes).
  • Onsite assistance for more critical problems or problems involving physical repairs.
  • End of season check out and preparation for off-season storage.

CMC has also provided supervision services during the 1999 season when an accidental fire partially destroyed one of the mobile passenger gangways.