Agri-Food Supply Chain Logistics

Adani Agri Logistics Ltd. and Food Corporation of India -- India

Innovative Solutions

CMC has considerable experience in supply chain logistics in the developing world. Projects there involved the integrated skills of CMC personnel in analyzing food grains collection infrastructure, food grain losses, evaluating storage facilities and transportation infrastructure, all the while taking into account local employment, literacy and environmental issues that impacted on efficient supply chain management. Projects like these require cultural sensitivity and the ability to mediate disputes and coordinate services in addition to applying good, locally-appropriate business practices and engineering skills.

Feature Project: Develop and Operate Bulk Foodgrains Handling, Storage and Transport

Client: Adani Agri Logistics Ltd. and Food Corporation of India (FCI)

Location: India (various locations)

Adani Agri Logistics Ltd. and Food Corporation of India -- IndiaThe Project

Faced with a lack of local expertise, Adani Agri Logistics Ltd. turned to international sources for help. They awarded CMC the contract to provide engineering and management services for the development and implementation of bulk foods handling, storage and transportation facilities under Build-Own-Operate (BOO).

Project Goals

  • To restructure the merchandising, storage, transportation and distribution of foodgrains (wheat and paddy) using collection (base) depots and distribution, field depots, all linked by railway
  • To custom design dedicated rail wagons to transport the foodgrains in bulk form from the base depots to the field depots

Services provided by CMC:

  • Review FCI/Adani Public-Private Partnership (PPP) agreement under the BOO contract
  • Develop functional specifications for the development of all facilities
  • Develop preliminary engineering of all facilities, infrastructure, business, operational and computer systems
  • Review detailed design and oversee construction
  • Develop technical specifications for the procurement of all mechanical, structural, electrical, operational and computer systems


  • While carrying on the detailed design independently, CMC prepared general specifications and arrangements to allow Adani to fast-track its procurement phase
  • CMC coordinated the acquisition of equipment from suppliers in Canada, the US and Germany
  • CMC and Adani built and commissioned seven separate facilities simultaneously
  • CMC and Adani hired and trained staff for this entirely new business
  • CMC prepared detailed functional descriptions and design documents for the technology transfer to Adani and to local Indian engineers and contractors

Total capacity built is 600,000 tonnes, with an additional throughput of approximately 800,000 tonnes per annum. 

Technical Highlights

Circuit #1         
  Base Depot    
    Moga 200,000 tonnes of storage
  Field Depot    
    Chennai 25,000 tonnes of storage
    Coimbatore 25,000 tonnes of storage
    Bangladore 25,000 tonnes of storage
Circuit #2       
  Base Depot    
    Kaithal 200,000 tonnes of storage
  Field Depot    
    Navi Mumbai 50,000 tonnes of storage
    Hoogly 25,000 tonnes of storage

Corporate Profile: Agri-Food Supply Chain Logistics

Other Selected Projects

Due Diligence Technical Report - Grain Storage Projects (Punjab & Sindh)
IFC - World Bank Group
IFC - World Bank Group, PakistanProject 1 - Punjab, Pakistan, Project 2 - Sindh, Pakistan
IFC retained CMC Engineering as lead consultant for the preparation of a due diligence technical report for grain storage projects in Punjab and Sindh in Pakistan.

Pre-feasibility Study for Countrywide Maize Storage in Zambia
IFC - World Bank Group Countrywide, Zambia
IFC - World Bank Group, ZambiaIFC retained CMC Engineering as technical consultant to study the economic feasibility of upgrading the present maize supply/value chain.

Master Concession Agreement under PPP Contract for Planning Commission - GOI
IFC / Government of India, Countrywide - India

IFC - IndiaIFC retained CMC Engineering to provide technical assistance to the Government of India Planning Commission for the development of a Master Concession Agreement to be used for 2.0 million tonnes of grain storage projects throughout India.

Foodgrains Collection in Rural India - Punjab
Punjab State Co-op Marketing Federation (Markfed) & Cdn Int'l Dev (CIDA) India

IFC - Punjab, IndiaCMC Engineering was awarded the contract for a techno-economic feasibility study to develop foodgrains collection, storage, processing and distribution in the State of Punjab.